HR and Payroll services

Human Resources Management is becoming more complex and sophisticated. The open labour market results in increased expectations on the part of workers, thereby imposing obligations on employers. Outsourcing the personnel area guarantees cooperation with specialists and access to proven tools that facilitate management. We offer online payroll services based on web application which may be activated for every employee. It helps to control work time and absences, simplifies a communication between employer, employee and payroll services provider and enables to reduce paper workflow. We also support our clients in harnessing the open labour market and employing workers from all over the world.

Team piktogram standard payroll services


  • Analysis and keeping records of work time, leave and other absences
  • Calculation of payroll, preparation of documents related to the making of payments and controlling the accuracy of payroll calculations
  • Reporting to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Revenue Offices, and State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People (PFRON)
  • Issuing of Personal Income Tax (PIT) and certificates to employees
  • Representing the client in contacts with the Revenue Office, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), and National Labour Inspectorate

tablet piktogram advanced online payroll services


  • Legalisation of the employment of foreign workers
  • Creation and supervision of work and salary regulations
  • Accounting of non-cash benefits provided to employees
  • Online payroll services with an access to a web application for every employee
  • Direct cooperation with the client’s accounting department
  • Reporting in accordance with customer requirements, including the reporting of salary costs