Accounting services

 We realize that for some economic, accounting, and costs matters are an unpleasant and tedious duty, while others want to have total control over them. To meet the various needs of clients, for the sake of their comfort we offer a package of services, from those with the basic purpose of ensuring security in tax matters, to advanced, resulting from specific regulations or a corporation’s developed practices.

dollar piktogram standard accounting servicesSTANDARD ACCOUNTING SERVICES

  • Bookkeeping: full accounting ledgers
  • Tax reporting (CIT, PIT)
  • Financial reporting according to client standards and requirements
  • Reporting to the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS) and National Bank of Poland (NBP)
  • Booking payroll and other staff expenses
  • Annual tax returns
  • Representing a client in contacts with tax authorities
  • Accounting office in Warsaw and in Poznań

tablet piktogram advanced accounting servicesADVANCED SERVICES

  • Keeping accounting ledgers in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS) and US GAAP
  • Consolidation of financial statements
  • Reporting for companies listed on stock exchanges, include the Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Reporting to the head office of affiliated entities in accordance with group requirements
  • Defining management and cyclical reports, automatically dispatched by mail
  • Online accounting and workflow in web applications