Increasing globalization is not only the flow of money capital but increasingly also the flow of human capital. Benefit from the experience of foreign markets is a great opportunity, but to provide them with legal residence in the European Union is a challenge – mainly bureaucratic.
Thanks to our many years of experience in this area, we offer a full range of services related to the legalization of residence and employment of foreigners in the European Union:

▪ Pre-verification of legal status and possessed documents entitling to legal residence and work by a foreigner who is a candidate for employee
▪ Obtaining Social Security registration number for a foreigner
▪ Development of the documentation for registration of residence of nationals of Member States of the European Union and citizens of countries belonging to the European Economic Area
▪ Occurrence on behalf of the Employer for the issuance of work permits for foreigners and obtaining a work permit extension
▪ Preparation based on the current legal status of an alien, proposals aimed at obtaining a residence in the Polish Republic
▪ Conducting uniform procedures for obtaining work permits and residence of an alien
▪ advice on the most suitable method of conducting procedures legalizycyjnych
▪ Ongoing reporting on current legal status of foreigners employed in accordance with accepted findings
▪ Support foreigner at every stage of proceedings involving personal appearance at the office
▪ representation of the employer before the Labour Office, Provincial, Ministry of Internal Affairs

Support foreigner in obtaining the necessary documents to operate on the territory of Poland – concerns mainly those EU non – driver’s license, marriage license on the territory of the Republic of Poland, obtaining passports for the children of foreigners born in the territory of the Republic of Poland